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High-quality man overboard rescue products are crucial to anyone working in the maritime industry. Dacon has a large selection of rescue products for all types of vessels.

Man overboard rescue training.
Man overboard rescue training.

Dacon is a leading Norwegian manufacturer and developer of man overboard recovery systems. For almost 40 years, we have provided small and larger vessels with life-saving equipment.

We can offer man overboard recovery systems for most vessels – from small rescue crafts and utility crafts to large offshore vessels.

All of our net products are DNV TEC-certified and made to withstand severe weather conditions. Read more about Dacons innovative and efficient man overboard (MOB) rescue products.

Dacon Rescue Scoop

The Dacon Rescue Scoop is a semi-rigid, manoeuvrable rescue net operated by a standard deck crane. The rescue net is used to recover distressed persons from the water when weather or other factors make it difficult or too risky to launch a rescue craft.

The Dacon Rescue Scoop will successfully recover a person from the water, without putting other crew at risk. Further on, the power- assisted method of recovery will retrieve a person in a horizontal position with full body support to avoid further injury or shock, which is a very important factor to emphasize.

The crane operated rescue system requires no interaction from the casualty. Hence, the system is fully capable of rescuing severely injured or even unconscious persons. The rescue net is easy to manoeuvre and is operated by a standard deck crane.

Dacon Rescue Scoop has been used on vessels in the offshore industry for almost 40 years and is available in various models. The rescue net has a lifelong expectancy and a five-year guarantee.

If you want to know more or need advice on which model is suitable for your vessel, please contact us.

Dacon Rescue Frame

Pulling a person out of the water is such a difficult task, if not impossible. Rough weather conditions and possible body injuries might make it impossible to succeed. Using a rescue frame to do the recovery enables the crew to manually bring the person into the rescue craft safely both to the crew and the casualty.

With a Dacon Rescue Frame, the crew can easily unfold the rescue net and shape it into a cradle. This way, the casualty lies in a horizontal position, which provides full body support and prevents further injuries.

The rescue frame has a robust and solid design and requires minimum space onboard. It can also be used as a scrambling net for the man overboard to climb into safely.

Dacon Scrambling Net

The Dacon Scrambling Net is a rigid and robust net that enables a person to climb into safety. The solid net has a non-slip surface which prevents the person in the water from losing grip.

The net meets all the requirements for use on standby and emergency response vessels and is used by rescue vessels worldwide. It’s easy to unfold, and when rolled up into the vessel, it takes up minimal space.

The net usually is 1,5-2,5 meters wide and 1,5 meter long below the surface but can be customized according to your needs.

Dacon Rescue Basket

Our Rescue Basket has been used on several ships for over 30 years – on Rescue Vessels, Navy Ships, Commercial Vessels, Offshore Support-vessels and Commercial Vessels.

The rescue basket is made of a robust aluminium construction with soft padding, making it durable and suitable for all weather conditions. When it’s in the water, this recovery device will have a low floating position, making it easy for people to get inside.

The basket comes in three different models with a capacity of 4-8 persons. For more information about which model might suit your needs, please contact us.

Dacon Rescue Dummy

Water rescue training is essential for anyone working in the maritime industry. Dacon is a leading manufacturer of realistic and high-quality rescue dummies used in preparation for critical situations. Our Rescue Dummy can float in a vertical or horizontal position. It is also available with a negative buoyancy for underwater training.

The rescue dummy has realistic limbs, height (190 cm) and weight (up to 85 kg) and is highly resistant and robust. It’s designed to survive a drop from a tall ship or even from a helicopter. This makes the manikin ideal for Search and Recovery training and recovery drills.

Since we developed the rescue manikin, it has been used not only on ships but also in fire departments, divers training, and police departments.

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Our rescue dummy is realistic and essential when preparing for critical situations.
Our rescue dummy is realistic and essential when preparing for critical situations.

DNV TEC-Certified Products

Our man overboard recovery equipment is certified by DNV, which is the world’s highest classification in the maritime industry.

They’re also accepted by leading organizations such as UKOOA, MCA, NMD, ABS and Transport Canada.

Since we started developing man overboard rescue products almost 40 years ago, our products have been used on all types of vessels in the maritime industry worldwide.

All of our products are produced in Norway and hold the highest possible standards within safety equipment.

About Dacon

As well as providing man overboard recovery systems, Dacon is also Norway´s leading supplier of safety equipment and equipment for visual inspection.

Our history started in 1979 when we began developing, producing and importing safety-related products. Our man overboard products are designed for professional use for customers within the offshore industry, armed forces, and the maritime field.

A Pioneer within Man Overboard Systems

In 1980, Dacon started to arrange courses in first aid and rescue techniques for crew members on standby and supply vessels in the North Sea.

The courses focused on practical training, and was used as inspiration for the training programmes used in all Norwegian maritime schools and training centres today. The courses are also held in other countries like Canada.

These courses gave Dacon extensive experience and knowledge about rescue equipment and techniques. In addition, the rough weather conditions in the North Sea provided valuable insight into how we could develop professional man overboard systems that can withstand even severe weather conditions.

Today, Dacon is a well known and trusted brand all over the world. When you choose Dacon, you can be confident that you will receive the best man overboard recovery systems available on the market.

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