Dacon Rescue Dummy

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is the most versatile training dummy on the market. 
With a height and weight that resembles a human being, it creates the most realistic
training situations for your crew. 

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High- quality rescue training dummy for realistic scenarios

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is probably the best and most realistic training dummy developed for water rescue training.

A key factor when undergoing training is to create a scenario that is as realistic as possible, this also means using a dummy that is similar to a person.
I.e. using a dummy that weights 10 kg will not provide the correct insight and skills needed in a rescue situation. To make things worse, it can even give the false belief that one possesses both the skills and the equipment needed.

Our history as a safety and first aid course leader, led us to developing a training dummy for real life scenarios. The Dacon Rescue Dummy resembles a person`s weight, height and also limb movements.

The training dummy is now in use on ships and in training centres, fire departments, police, diver training and many others all over the world.

The rescue manikin or dummy can be provided with a yellow (standard) or grey (for advanced SAR) PVC coverall. 


Key features:

  • Realistic height (1,9 m) and weight (up to 85 kg)
  • Realistic joints, with restricted limb movements like human`s
  • Extremely rugged – it survives a drop from a platform`s helicopter deck and other rough usage
  • Horizontal and vertical floating position
  • Also available with a negative buoyancy for underwater SAR training
  • Drainable training manikin for lighter weight during i.e. transport or storage
  • Low transportation weight and dimensions (22 kgs, 89x67x33 cm)

Smarter than your average



The most realistic training dummy


Optional floating position


Long life expectancy


Negative buoyancy option



DNV TEC Certified




No mandatory service


Approved by most class societies


Global network & local distribution

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