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Dacon Rescue Dummy is probably the most versatile training manikin on the market.
With a height, weight and limbs similar to a human being, this dummy creates realistic evacuation and rescue drills for your crew.

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High-quality dummy for sea rescue drills

Safety at sea is important, and one must be prepared for emergencies that may occur. Crew members and SAR teams need to go through rescue drills with high-quality equipment, in order to ensure successful rescue operations if needed. The Dacon Rescue Dummy is a robust manikin developed specifically for marine rescue training. Made in Norway – designed to sustain the force of the North Sea.

Dacon Rescue Dummy is ideal for SAR, evacuation and recovery drills, as well as general casualty handling. You can adjust it for horizontal or vertical floating, as well as underwater SAR training with negative buoyancy. With this manikin, training will feel like real life for your crew. Our dummy is used by customers all across the globe.

Realistic training builds essential skills

To provide the crew with skills that can be implemented in a real-life rescue scenario, it is essential to use a dummy that is as authentic to a human as possible in training. Dacon Rescue Dummy is developed to have a realistic look and movements. It resembles a real person in terms of weight, height and major joints. Arms and legs will bend, much like the limbs of a real person. Thereby, the manikin imitates the movements of a human, giving a realistic image of what an actual emergency would be like.

Trusted by operators all over the world  

Dacon Rescue Dummy is now in use worldwide, for instance by operators like:

  • Ships
  • Training centre
  • Diver training
  • Rescue organizations
  • Fire departments
  • Police

Rescue manikin developed for the roughest conditions  

Dummies used in sea rescue drills may receive rough handling, often involving high falls from vessels, rigs and helicopters. Furthermore, conditions at sea can be harsh, with large waves and extreme weather. Training equipment must therefore be made out of rugged materials. Dacon Rescue Dummy is made out of PVC and comes with a protective PVC suit – making it extremely durable.

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Benefits of a Dacon Rescue Dummy

  • Realistic height (190 cm) and weight (up to 85 kg)
  • Realistic joints, with restricted limb movements like a human’s
  • Extremely rugged – it survives a drop from a platform’s helicopter deck and other rough usage
  • Inherent buoyancy, option for horizontal and vertical floating position
  • Also available with a negative buoyancy
  • Drainable manikin for lower transportation or storage weight (22 kg)
  • Practical transportation dimensions (89x67x33 cm)
  • Lifting eye in the neck for stowage and crane handling

Versatile rescue dummy that fits your needs

Adjustable weight 

Dacon Rescue Dummy has a height of 190 cm and adjustable weight from 22-85 kg/49-187 lbs. To get your desired weight, you simply fill it with water.

It is crucial to use a realistic dummy, to avoid wrongful assumptions about one’s skills and the equipment needed in a man overboard situation. By using a heavier manikin for training, your crew will be prepared for most scenarios.

Choose floating position

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is adjustable in terms of floating position. You can choose between a horizontal and vertical floating position. There is also the option of negative buoyancy for underwater training.

Yellow or gray coverall 

The rescue manikin or dummy can be provided with a yellow (standard) or grey (for advanced SAR) PVC coverall.



  • Dummy height: 190 cm
  • Dummy weight: max. 85 kg
  • Transportation weight: 22 kg
  • Transportation dimensions: 89x67x33 cm


  • Dummy: Robust PVC
  • Joints: Stainless steel
  • Coverall: PVC

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Global network & local distribution