Dacon Scoop Wire System

A scoop wire system for high sided vessels


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Dacon Scoop Wire System for high sided vessels

The modern offshore fleet has in the last 10-15 years been greatly modernized, becoming much more advanced and also larger in size. For vessels that are required to comply with regulations of picking up unable persons from the water, the larger distance from deck to water level makes rescue more challenging.

With that challenge in mind, Dacon has introduced  a new Scoop system allowing vessels with significant freeboards to use the Dacon Scoop. The wire system allows the rescue net to be lowered to a suitable height above water, where the scoop is operated from. Once casualty is retrieved in net, scoop is levelled and lifted out of the water. A special Scoop modification creates a cradle for casualty.

The wire system is suitable for vessels with open or closed ship sides, and can be theoretically be installed at all freeboard heights. Thus far, it has been installed on Offshore Wind service vessels, and Offshore ERRV’s.

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