Distributed items 

We are a proud international distributor of quality products. As an addition to our original products,
we have also extended our product line with innovative and well established products.

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Dacon Maritime Rescue Equipment is proud to be the international distributor of the quality products, RescueStar basket and Reach & Rescue telescopic systems, by RLS – Rettungstechnologie GmbH and Reach & Rescue Limited.

We believe that by integrating these innovative and unique products to our well-established product range, we strengthen our position to be the no. 1 supplier of man overboard rescue systems and continue to provide the best performing lifesaving products worldwide.

RLS RescueStar® Basket

The RescueStar® is a rescue system designed to recover casualties from the water.
The product has a user-friendly design and requires little storage space on board your vessel.

Reach and Rescue Pole

The Reach and Rescue Pole is a long reach telescopic rescue pole system. The pole can be deployed to its maximum potential within seconds, allowing you to save valuable time in your rescue operations.