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An effective manual rescue net for gentle horizontal recovery

Horizontal recovery – why it matters

The Dacon Rescue Frame is a manual rescue net used on rescue crafts for gentle and effective recovery of exhausted, seriously injured or even unconscious persons from the water.

The rescue net enables a man overboard recovery in a horizontal position, it is quick and easy to handle for rescue personnel. A horizontal position is a key feature as it ensures full body support. This support might be decisive in reducing the possibility of shock and aggravation of injuries associated with the recovery of hypothermic- and seriously injured casualties.

It is often underestimated how difficult and heavy it is to get a person out of the water. Just a few kilos or little height can make it impossible to get a person back on board. In addition, you often have influencing factors such as injuries, sea, weather, and temperature.
Using a Dacon Rescue Frame that is attached to the rescue craft`s railing, reduces half the weight of the person in distress, and saves valuable time in a critical situation.

Upon storage, the rescue requires minimum of space and will not hinder passage, even on smaller rescue crafts.

The man overboard recovery system is very intuitive to use and requires only a brief introduction. The rescue cradle can also be used as a climbing net for persons that are able to climb onboard.

The Dacon Rescue Frame is provided in a standard red/white edition for rescue craft as well as an
all-black edition for navy, coast guard and police authorities etc.

DNV TEC certified and is compliant with Solas Reg. 111/17-1 & Subchapter M requirement §140.425 Fall overboard prevention (a).

People who have been in the water, the injured and the incapable, should be recovered as horizontal as possible.

When a casualty has been in the water, the body will after a while, contain both warm blood and very cold blood. Their heart has a decreased ability to work harder when it needs to, and the  veins and nervous systems have been temporarily altered in such a way that they may be very close to a significant heart malfunction.

People in the water are fragile – and must be treated carefully. Therefore, the recovery should be as horizontal as possible to avoid aggravation of injuries.  





Dacon Rescue Frame rolled up alongside vessel


The reason we chose this system was that
we could get a tailor-made solution
to our specification and needs”

          – Captain Knut Even Rislaa, on 17 m SAR vessel“ RS Inge Steensland

Horizontal recovery


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DNV TEC Certified


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Quick, safe and effective

“ The reason we chose this system was that we could get a tailor-made solution to our specification and needs”
  – Captain Knut Even Rislaa, on 17 m SAR vessel “RS Inge Steensland”



DNV TEC Certified




No mandatory service


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