Dacon Rescue Frame | Rescue Cradle

Man overboard recovery system.
The Dacon Rescue Frame is ideal for horizontal recovery of injured and unconscious individuals at sea.
This rescue cradle is durable, easy to use and can be stowed compactly.

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Rescue cradle for effective man overboard recovery

Lifting a person from the water can be a difficult and heavy task due to body weight, wet clothing and rough conditions. High-quality rescue equipment is therefore absolutely vital.
Dacon Rescue Frame is a rescue net designed for effective man overboard recovery. The net can be formed into a rescue cradle, allowing you to recover exhausted, seriously injured or unconscious persons from the water. The Rescue Frame doubles up as a climbing net, allowing physically capable individuals to climb onboard.

Dacon Rescue Frame is suitable for small and medium-sized vessels. It is movable, foldable and takes up little space when stowed on board. During an emergency, the net is easy to deploy and use for your crew.

“The reason we chose this system was that we could get a tailor- made
solution to our specification and needs.”

– Captain Knut Even Rislaa, on 17 m SAR vessel “RS Inge Steensland”

Horizontal recovery of man overboard being hauled out of the water in a rescue net.
Rescue dummy being lifted out of the water in a Dacon Rescue Frame.

Ideal for gentle horizontal recovery

When a casualty has been floating in the water for a while, the body will contain both warm and very cold blood. The heart will have a decreased ability to work harder when it needs to, and both veins and nervous systems have been temporarily altered. The person may be very close to getting a significant heart malfunction. They may also have other injuries that could get worse if they are not treated carefully.

To avoid aggravation of injuries, individuals who have been in the water should be recovered as horizontally as possible. The Dacon Rescue Frame is designed with this in mind. The individual being rescued can easily be recovered while lying flat in the cradle.   

Benefits of the Dacon Rescue Frame

  • Enables man overboard recovery in a horizontal position
  • Quick and easy to handle for rescue personnel
  • Extremely robust and durable design
  • Easily folded into a rescue cradle
  • Can also be used as a climbing net
  • Requires little storage space  



Get in touch – request a quote!

Dacon delivers high-quality rescue equipment to the global market. Our products are ideal for use in both training and real emergencies. Reach out for more information or to request a quote! 

Dacon Rescue Frame rolled up alongside vessel

Manual or power-assisted rescue cradle

The Dacon Rescue Frame is a versatile tool. On smaller boats, the net can be handled manually. A crew member can single-handedly recover another individual from the water, just by pulling the frame or retrieval lines. If you have a vessel with a higher freeboard, the net can be deployed using a small deck crane or winch.

Applied by a variety of operators worldwide

Our rescue cradle is used by vessels all over the world – for instance:

  • MOB boats
  • SAR boats
  • Fast rescue crafts
  • Life boats
  • Cruise tenders
  • Tugs and workboats
  • Military RHIBS

A Rescue Frame customized to your needs

We always want to deliver equipment that meet your needs. Our rescue cradle is available in a few standard sizes that fit freeboards up to 4 meters, but we can provide other sizes upon request. When you reach out to us, we will help you decide what size your rescue cradle needs to be.

The Dacon Rescue Frame is provided in a standard red/white edition for rescue craft as well as an
all-black edition for the navy, coast guard, police authorities, etc.




  • Available in sizes to fit freeboards from 0,5-4 meters (other sizes upon request)
  • Standard length: 180 cm
  • Depth: 180 cm – 650 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg/m2


  • Rods: Fiberglass
  • Webbing: Polyester
  • Fittings: Stainless steel
  • Rope: Polyester

High-quality rescue cradle – made to last a lifetime


5 year guarantee


Long life expectancy


No mandatory service


DNV Type Approval Certificate


Quick, safe and effective

“ The reason we chose this system was that we could get a tailor-made solution to our specification and needs”
  – Captain Knut Even Rislaa, on 17 m SAR vessel “RS Inge Steensland”



DNV TEC Certified




No mandatory service


Approved by most class societies


Global network & local distribution