Dacon Scrambling Net

Dacon Scrambling Net is a solid and stable rescue net that is easy to climb. This rigid net allows individuals to climb on board your vessel safely.

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Unique scrambling net for sea rescue

Having the right equipment is of the utmost importance in a man overboard rescue situation. When conditions are rough and stress levels are elevated, high-quality equipment will provide you with the best foundation for a successful rescue operation.

Dacon Scrambling Net is a unique and highly effective product for use in sea rescue situations. This rigid rope net is extremely robust and has a very low total life cycle cost. It is easy to unfold and use for your crew. Its design ensures that distressed persons can climb aboard the vessel – easily and safely. When not in use, the net can be rolled up and stored anywhere on the vessel, where it will take up minimal space. We can customize the Dacon Scrambling Net to your needs!


Used by a variety of operators worldwide

Our Scrambling Net is used on vessels all over the world – typically on:

  • ERRV / Standby vessels
  • Navy ships
  • Offshore support
  • SAR cutters
  • Offshore wind vessels

The Dacon Scrambling Net complies with UKOOA guidelines and other classification society notations for standby vessels. The product is available in an alternative all-black design for navy or police vessels.

Climbing net hanging on the side of a vessel.

Get a scrambling net customized to your vessel

The Dacon Scrambling Net can be produced in any dimension needed to fit your vessel. Our team customizes the product to each individual customer, ensuring that it meets your requirements.

Add hauling lines for active recovery

The Dacon Scrambling Net is ideal when rescuees are physically able to climb out of the water. As an additional feature, the rescue product can be provided with hauling lines for active recovery of casualties that are unable to climb to safety.

Optional fold-over installation frame

Our climbing net can be delivered with an optional fold-over installation frame made of stainless steel. This supports the net 0,25 m off the ship side – as required by UKOOA. The installation frame is suitable for vessels that want the product to stay in the same spot, also when it is not in use.



  • Horizontal length: Normally 1.5-2.5 m/ net. Any length available.
  • Vertical depth: Installation height + 1.5 m below the surface
  • Weight: 4 kgs/m2 + 6 kgs/m 


High-quality, user-friendly scrambling net

  • Rigid, non-slip climbing and grip surface
  • Optional fold-over frame
  • DNV Type Approval certified
  • 5 year guarantee


Get in touch to request a quote!

Dacon`s high-quality rescue products are available worldwide. Want to learn more or request a quote? Reach out to us!

Designed for solidity and reliability

One of the great advantages of the Dacon Scrambling Net is the benefits that are provided by its unique design. While traditional rope nets are often difficult to climb, our net has several advantageous features that make it very user-friendly.

Dacon’s net provides a stable, non-slip climbing and gripping surface. Rigid rungs, combined with heavy-duty webbing, ensure that the shape will stay the same and not collapse. Distance rollers provide distance to the ship side, for an easy grip and foot hold. Internal weight in the bottom rung provides stability in the water for easy entry.

Features of the Dacon Scrambling Net

  • Steps consisting of rigid fiberglass rods with non-slip sleeves
  • Vertical webbing with 5 MT tensile strength
  • Latex saturated webbing for wear resistance
  • Internal lead weights in lower step for stability
  • Distance rollers that support the net away from the vessel`s side
  • No front or rear side – simplifying installation and deployment
  • Safety hooks for quick deployment



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