Reach and Rescue

The world’s longest and most versatile telescopic rescue pole system

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Long reach and deployment within seconds

The Reach and Rescue Pole is a multi-award-winning long reach telescopic rescue pole system. It has changed the way rescue services conduct water rescue – saving lives and keeping the operator out of the hazard zone.

With the longest reach in the world, up to 20 meters, the Reach and Rescue pole is now used by 80% of the UK Fire and Emergency Services and is exported to 46 countries worldwide.

One of the unique features of this system is the compact telescopic design, which can be deployed to its maximum potential within seconds, saving valuable time on your rescues.
All poles come in 5 extended lengths, and with multi-functional attachments making the pole super versatile for many different rescue applications.

The Rescue Poles are manufactured using multiple layers of the highest-grade carbon fiber giving the system outstanding strength, rigidity, and light weight. This provides users with control and confidence in the pole, which ensures accuracy and speed in vital rescues.

Reach and Rescue Pole`s wide selection of accessories 

Various tools for Reach and rescue pole system.
Person in the water being hauled to shore by a telescopic pole.

Reach and Rescue Pole`s key features

•   Improved operator safety
•   Poles extend to 60ft length
•   Accurate Deployment
•   Faster Retrieval
•   Simplicity
•   Huge Capability
•   No need to enter the water
•   Poles not affected by wind or current
•   Quick extention and collapse of poles
•   Easy to use
•   Variety of poles and attachments