Horizontal Rescue

Horizontal rescue is the safest way to recover a person from the water. Dacon offers high-quality rescue equipment for several types of vessels – read more about our products here.

Rescue net with rescue dummy being used in training

Even though emergency situations on the sea are rare, it is crucial that all the crew members onboard the ship are prepared for any situation. This involves regular water rescue drills where the crew can learn to tackle stressful emergency situations. 

An essential part of both training and real emergency situations is the equipment that is being used. Dacon is one of the most known manufacturers of maritime rescue equipment worldwide. 

With our rescue equipment, your crew members can perform realistic rescue drills that prepare them for real-life emergencies. Our equipment is made to recover the person in a horizontal position to protect the person from further injuries. 

Used by Operators All Over the World

Dacon began arranging courses about maritime rescue equipment and rescue techniques for standby- and supply vessels in the North Sea already in the 1980s. These courses gave us valuable information about the improvements that are needed to make maritime rescue operations as successful as possible.

Due to the maritime rescue courses in the North Sea, Dacon began developing man overboard rescue equipment for different types of vessels. Today, our rescue systems are developed in Norway and used by operators all over the world. 

Rescue operation in practice at sea

Create Realistic Training Situations

During our rescue courses in the 1980s, we learned about what is needed to carry out a successful rescue operation. We discovered that one of the most important factors is that the training situations seem as realistic as possible. 

In a real life emergency situation, the weather might be windy and rough, and it might be much heavier than you thought to pull the person out of the rescue net. That is why our equipment is designed to be used in both realistic rescue drills and real life situations that may occur. For instance, our Rescue Dummy is 190 centimeters long and with a realistic weight (up to 85kg). This gives the crew an opportunity to feel what a real emergency situation is like. 

Here are some of our most widely used horizontal rescue systems:

Dacon Rescue Scoop

Dacon Rescue Scoop is a semi-rigid rescue net that is operated by a standard deck crane. The rescue net is especially suitable when you need to rescue a man overboard during severe weather conditions. 

The man overboard will be safely recovered in a horizontal position, and the rescue operation will not put the crew at risk. The rescue net is extremely rugged and gives full body support to the man overboard. 

With the Dacon Rescue Scoop, your crew will be able to carry out safe and efficient rescue operations without injuring themselves or the man overboard. The Rescue Scoop can be customized to suit your vessel – contact us for more information about this.

Rescue scoop net for horizontal rescue practices

Dacon Rescue Frame 

Dacon Rescue Frame has two different areas of use; it can be used hanging down as a climbing net, or folded into a rescue cradle with a horizontal entry point. 

No matter how it is used, the Rescue Frame is easy to use for the crew when it is deployed, and takes up minimal space on the deck or railing of the ship. The Rescue Frame is designed to be extremely durable and has a long life expectancy. 

It can be customized to fit freeboards from 0,5-4 meters, and only requires a short introduction before use. 

Dacon Rescue Dummy

Many rescue dummies weigh much less than an average human body, which gives the crew a false impression of what it is like to rescue a human in the water. Our Rescue Dummy has a realistic height (190 centimeters) and weight (up to 85 kg), which make the water rescue drills as realistic as possible. 

The Rescue Dummy can be tossed into the water, and the crew can practice on either rescuing the dummy manually or with one of our other rescue systems. It is extremely robust, and can be adjusted to float either horizontally or vertically.

Dummy in wet suit being rescued

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Dacon has comprehensive experience in producing and customizing rescue equipment for most types of vessels. Our products have a long life expectancy, which means that we can help you with service or repair throughout the products’ lifetime.

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