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Verification trials and training have evolved over the years to include realistic scenarious with multiple casualties. This development has been driven mainly by the oil majors and regulators in an effort to provide comparable performance data and to ensure a sufficient rescue capacity.

In the North Sea and Canada verification trials are held with the Standby Vessel operators every year for this purpose. During these trials up to 21 training dummies are released into the sea to simulate helicopter ditchings, scaffolding collapses and other scenarious that would require Standby Vessel intervention.

To facilitate this type of mass casualty drills Dacon have developed two useful tools.

Dacon Rescue Dummy Container

The perfect system to facilitate large excercises and reduce the risk of physical strain and injuries during multiple heavy lifts. This system is contained in a standard certified offshore container. The container can store and transport up to 30 Dacon Rescue Dummies suspended from the rail system in the ceiling. It has a hoisting tackle to lift the dummies to the rail system to allow easy transfer from the deck to the storage rails. It also comes complete with a Dacon Dummy Deployment Device as described below.


Dacon Dummy Deployment Device

A system that allows for deployment of up to 11 Dacon Rescue Dummies with one crane lift. The Dacon Dummies are strung together with a chain through neck fittings and connected to the Deployment Device. The Deployment Device will release the chain only when the weight of the dummies is completely offloaded, and the Deployment Device is allowed to float freely on its flotation collar. This ensures the dummies stay secured until they are floating free in the water. Then the Deployment Device is lifted back onboard, and the next chain string of dummies can be connected and deployed.