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Why the right equipment is crucial in risky rescue operations

Through our history as a major supplier to the offshore industry in the harsh North Sea, we have acquired first-hand knowledge of our customers’ challenges and needs. Our focus is man overboard rescue equipment for all types of vessels and smaller boats, with products that meet most class requirements. We design products that minimize the risk to crew, while maximizing the chance of a successful rescue. We develop innovative products of the highest quality.

With the right equipment in rescue situations, you will be well prepared if something happens at sea. If a man goes overboard, it is important to get them out of the water as quickly as possible. If this does not happen, you risk them getting hypothermia, they can be difficult to spot in rough seas, and may be injured. The water temperature and weather greatly affect the situation, so you need to have the best equipment if the worst happens. With good equipment, the rescue situation will be easier, taking shorter time, and you minimize the chances of further injury.

Dacon Rescue Nets

The best thing you can do when someone has fallen overboard is to recover them quickly in a horizontal position. This is because after being in the water for a while, the body contains both warm and very cold blood. This gives the heart problems pumping blood, and the nervous system is inhibited. If you fall overboard, you are fragile – and must be treated carefully. Resuscitation should therefore be as horizontal as possible to avoid aggravating injuries. With our rescue nets, you will be able to get unconscious people out of the water and provide support to their entire body. Dacon Rescue Nets are ideal for horizontal resuscitation of injured and unconscious individuals at sea. We supply the manual Dacon Rescue Frame for smaller vessels, and Dacon Rescue Scoop for larger vessels. The Dacon Rescue Scoop is a crane-based solution for the rescue of people who have fallen overboard. All our rescue nets have a 5-year guarantee.

Dacon Rescue Frame rolled up alongside vessel

Dacon Rescue Frame

For smaller vessels, we supply Dacon Rescue Frame, a durable rescue product that is easy to use and can be stored compactly. The net comes with a steering stick as standard, which makes it easy to shape the net and push it out to the person in the water. A cover is also included to protect the net from weather and UV rays. The net can be used by just one person to rescue another who has fallen into the water.

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Dacon Rescue Scoop

Dacon Rescue Scoop is a larger rescue net, operated by a standard deck crane. The Rescue Scoop is developed for larger vessels and available in multiple dimensions. This rescue net type meets relevant class and flag requirements for use on Standby Vessels.  With these nets, it is easier to grab a person who is, for example, in rough seas, even with a higher freeboard. Despite their size, these larger crane-based nets do not require a lot of manpower to get people out of the water, and you do not risk your crew to save someone else. Making our rescue nets safe for everyone involved.

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Upon determining the correct installation, we always take the vessel`s design into consideration. On larger boats where a crane-based rescue solution is required, we always ask for the ship`s GA drawing to examine how they are designed, to offer the best rescue tool and to implement the net in the most optimal way.

Dacon Scrambling Net

Dacon Scrambling Net is a robust and practical climbing net. The net is easy to unfold and easy to use. Many vessels use rope nets as a rescue solution, an alternative that is very difficult to climb for the person who has fallen overboard. Our climbing nets are rigid and designed to easily climb and get out of the water smoothly. When the net is not in use, it can be rolled up and stored where you have space. When rolled together the net becomes compact and requires minimal space. We adapt Dacon Scrambling Net to your needs and they come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Dacon Rescue Basket

Dacon Rescue Basket is a crane-based and solid product that can rescue multiple people in a man overboard situation at a time. It is lowered into the sea by a crane, so people easily can swim in to it. Rescue Baskets comes in several different sizes.
Our Rescue Basket is suitable for most vessels, especially those with limited deck space. It is designed to withstand heavy seas and is one of the most stable and rugged rescue baskets on the market. This is a rescue product that is ideal for mass rescue of conscious people. We have a 3-year guarantee on our Dacon Rescue Baskets.

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Equipment you can rely on

We deliver the best equipment on the market, of the highest quality. Our products have a long service life, which gives you equipment you can rely on for many years. All our net products are DNV Type Approval certified and in accordance with most legislations.
Many industries around the world are governed by specific legislations for their type of operation. Vessels are often required to have certain types of rescue equipment to assist in a man overboard situation.
Are you familiar with the legal requirements for your operation? 
We can assist you with navigating through these legislations and find available solutions.


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