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Horizontal Rescue: Effective Maritime Emergency Solution

When emergencies occur at sea, time is often a decisive factor, due to i.e. water temperature, weather conditions or injuries etc. In such moments, it is important to have the right rescue tools and methods to be able to save lives and ensure an effective rescue operation. Dacon AS, a recognized supplier of maritime rescue products, understands the importance of having reliable rescue solutions on board ships. A primary focus is horizontal rescue.

Horizontal Rescue and Equipment Involved

Horizontal rescue is the preferred technique to recover a person overboard and is recommended by IMO (International Maritime Organization). A horizontal position means the whole body will be supported and it may also prevent aggravation of injuries. Recovering an individual horizontally requires specialized rescue equipment that are made with this purpose. Dacon offers a comprehensive selection of equipment designed specifically for horizontal rescue. 

Training and Competence for Safe Horizontal Rescue

To execute horizontal rescue operations safely and efficiently, proper training and competence are vital. Dacon provides crew members with comprehensive training programs and courses. These educational offerings cover the use of rescue equipment, best practices, and effective communication during emergency situations.

Advantages of Horizontal Rescue for Maritime Emergencies

Horizontal rescue offers several notable advantages in maritime emergencies. It enables the rescue of individuals who may be unconscius or severly injured, providing a safe and stable means of transport to safer locations. This method reduces the risk of further injury and allows for a swift and efficient rescue operation that can make a crucial difference in saving lives. 

Optimal Safety: Horizontal Recovery Techniques and Considerations

Horizontal recovery techniques prioritize optimal safety during rescue operations. By lifting casualties in a horizontal position, the hydrostatic pressure exerted on their bodies in the water helps maintain blood pressure, alleviating strain on the heart. Unlike vertical lifting, which places additional stress on the cardiovascular system, horizontal rescue minimizes this burden, particularly crucial in cold conditions. Additionally, minimizing physical exertion for the rescued person is vital to ensure their well-being and prevent complications.


Three boat crew talking friendly next to a rescue dummy inside a rescue net.

Dacon Rescue’s Inovative Products for Horizontal Rescue

Our focus on effective man overboard recovery systems ensures maximum crew safety and successful horizontal rescues. With extensive experience in challenging environments like the North Sea and North Atlantic regions, our equipment is reliable even in severe weather conditions.

Proudly manufactured in Norway, Dacon emphasizes research and development to provide customers with the most innovative and efficient rescue solutions. Our horizontal rescue operations offer groundbreaking methods for safe and swift retrievals, revolutionizing traditional approaches. Two of our most popular equipment for horizontal rescue is the Dacon Rescue Frame and the Dacon Rescue Scoop.

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Dacon Rescue Frame

The Dacon Rescue Frame is a revolutionary rescue net designed to facilitate horizontal rescue operations, particularly in man overboard scenarios. With its unique features and versatile design, it ensures the safe retrieval of exhausted, injured, or unconscious individuals, minimizing strain on their cardiovascular system and reducing the risk of exacerbating injuries.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

When individuals have been in the water for an extended period, the Dacon Rescue Frame’s horizontal recovery approach becomes vital. By avoiding potential heart malfunctions, it significantly enhances the safety of rescue operations. Moreover, the net’s foldable and durable nature, coupled with its quick and easy handling, makes it suitable for small and medium-sized vessels.

A Multifunctional Solution

The benefits of the Dacon Rescue Frame go beyond horizontal recovery. Its adaptability allows it to transform into a climbing net, providing physically capable individuals with a means to climb aboard the vessel. This compact design not only ensures minimal storage space requirements but also makes it a practical choice for any vessel, enhancing overall preparedness for emergencies.

Wide Utilization and Customization Options

The Dacon Rescue Frame’s versatility makes it a preferred choice for operators worldwide. It has proven its effectiveness and reliability on various types of vessels, including MOB boats, SAR boats, and lifeboats, among others. A wide range of dimensions are available and ourteam will ensure to provide the most optimal solution to any craft on the water. To further prioritize customer satisfaction, Dacon offers customization options. All Rescue Frames are specifically made to suit any freeboard heights up to 4 m. and the team can accommodate requests for other customized options to suit different operational contexts. 

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The Dacon Rescue Scoop

Efficient Solution for Larger Vessels

For vessels with a freeboard height exceeding 4 meters, Dacon presents the Dacon Rescue Scoop, a highly effective power-assisted method for man overboard recovery. This reliable rescue net, connected to a crane, offers a robust and efficient solution, ensuring safe retrieval even in challenging weather conditions.

Safe and Practical Design

The Dacon Rescue Scoop is specifically designed to be lightweight and flexible, ensuring the horizontal retrieval of individuals from the water with utmost safety. Its durability and resilience guarantee optimal performance, while the compact design allows for easy stowage along the vessel’s railing, bulwark, or cargo rail, ensuring quick accessibility during emergencies.

Smooth and Precise Retrieval Process

Utilizing a standard deck crane, the Rescue Scoop can be smoothly lowered into the water, providing a practical and gentle approach to rescuing injured or unconscious individuals in a horizontal position. This eliminates the risks associated with launching a rescue craft in rough seas, ensuring the safety of your crew throughout the recovery process.

Unmatched Versatility

In addition to its primary function as a man overboard rescue net, the Dacon Rescue Scoop also serves as a versatile scrambling net for conscious and uninjured rescuees. Its multifunctionality makes it an indispensable piece of equipment for various operations, further enhancing its value and utility in rescue scenarios.

Trusted and Proven Worldwide

With over 900 units supplied globally, the Dacon Rescue Scoop has established its trustworthiness and reliability. Operators across the globe have chosen this power-assisted horizontal recovery solution, making it a widely recognized and preferred option for ensuring the success of rescue operations.

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Dacon Rescue Scoop hanging over the water from a ship`s crane.