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Dacon Rescue Dummy – Realism and reliability in man overboard rescue training

For over four decades, Dacon AS has been at the forefront of maritime rescue equipment development, crafting solutions tailored to meet the demands of diverse man overboard rescue scenarios. Since its establishment in 1979, Dacon has consistently raised the bar in the industry, setting benchmarks and delivering products that have become global standards.

Realism Redefined

At the heart of Dacon’s legacy lies a commitment to designing and producing top-tier rescue products, with an unwavering focus on man overboard recovery systems. The hallmark of Dacon’s offerings is not just the high-quality equipment but also its adherence to unique function standards. Customers worldwide have come to expect excellence from Dacon, and it’s this expectation that fuels our pride in delivering exceptional rescue solutions.

Drawing from extensive industry experience, Dacon’s man overboard rescue systems are meticulously engineered to tackle the most arduous conditions imaginable. Manufactured in Norway, each piece of rescue equipment is tailor-made to fit various watercraft, ensuring versatility and adaptability across different settings.

One of the standout products in Dacon’s lineup is the Dacon Rescue Dummy, a training manikin designed to simulate real-life rescue scenarios with utmost accuracy. Packed with features that enhance its lifelike qualities, the Dacon Rescue Dummy stands as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of ships, training centers, fire departments, police units, diver training facilities, and various other sectors.

Person building a product with its hands.

The Dacon Rescue Dummy boasts an array of unique features that set it apart:

Realistic Build: With a height of 190 cm/6.2 ft and adjustable weight ranging from 22 – 85 kg/49-187 lbs, this dummy mirrors the physical attributes of an average person, ensuring lifelike simulation during training exercises.

Authentic Joints: Mimicking human joints, the dummy’s design enables natural movement, allowing trainees to practice rescue techniques realistically.

Durability and Adaptability: Built to withstand rigorous training routines, the dummy is exceptionally rugged, capable of enduring demanding scenarios repeatedly. Its adjustable floating position—both horizontally and vertically—adds to its adaptability in diverse rescue simulations.

Versatility in Training: For comprehensive SAR (Search and Rescue) training, the dummy is available with negative buoyancy, enabling underwater scenarios. Furthermore, its drainable design ensures convenient storage and transport, making it an ideal choice for various training environments.

Dacon Rescue Dummy is ideal for rescue drills with the Dacon Rescue Scoop, Dacon Rescue Frame and Dacon Rescue Basket. It is also well suited for helicopter rescue drills from water or life raft.

Unrivaled Utility

The Dacon Rescue Dummy’s extensive utility encompasses its application in maritime settings and beyond. The dummy’s design, incorporating a yellow (standard) or grey PVC coverall for advanced SAR, ensures adaptability to varying training needs and scenarios.

Its deployment spans:

Maritime Training: Vital for realistic maritime training, this dummy facilitates hands-on exercises involving the rescue and handling of individuals, preparing crews for emergency situations at sea.

Emergency Services: Fire departments and police units utilize the dummy for rescue drills, enhancing their preparedness for water-based emergencies.

Diver Training: Integral to diver training programs, the dummy aids in honing rescue skills in submerged environments.

The Dacon Rescue Dummy stands as a testament to Dacon’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of maritime rescue equipment. Its lifelike attributes, durability, and adaptability make it an indispensable tool for training scenarios involving man overboard situations. Through its realistic simulation capabilities and versatility, the Dacon Rescue Dummy continues to set the standard for effective and comprehensive rescue training across a spectrum of industries, ultimately contributing to enhanced safety and preparedness worldwide.

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