Mar 8, 2024 | Articles

A leading manufacturer of maritime rescue equipment

Established in 1979, Dacon AS has emerged as a prominent manufacturer specializing in maritime rescue equipment. Its inception involved conducting maritime first aid and rescue technique courses for crews aboard standby and supply vessels operating in the North Sea. This early initiative laid the groundwork for standardized practical training adopted by maritime institutions, both nationally and internationally. Notably, Dacon exported its comprehensive training program to countries like Canada, where instructor training was conducted. 

Expertise forging innovative solutions

Dacon possesses a distinctive expertise and practical knowledge in equipment and rescue techniques tailored for challenging conditions prevalent in the North Sea. This expertise served as the cornerstone for the development of a diverse range of rescue equipment types and models, meticulously designed to facilitate the rescue of individuals both at sea and aboard various vessels.

Person building a product with its hands.

Global recognition and environmental standards

The proprietary systems developed by Dacon have garnered global recognition and continue to be manufactured in Norway. A substantial portion of our production is exported to multiple countries and deployed across diverse sectors within the maritime industry.

At its core, Dacon upholds high ethical standards that benefit both society and the business realm. This commitment is embedded within the company’s culture, emphasizing a proactive environmental approach. It involves comprehensive risk assessments and the implementation of measures aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint associated with their products.

Uncompromising quality and safety

As a producer, Dacon stands out by making maritime rescue equipment that seamlessly blends functional design and high-end quality made to last. The range of products are conceived to represent the pinnacle of solutions, with safety as the paramount value – engineered to ensure the safety of distressed individuals and crew members, even in the most challenging conditions.

A notable attribute of Dacon’s rescue equipment lies in its user-friendly design coupled with exceptional efficacy, particularly in demanding scenarios. The company places emphasis on the horizontal rescue method, endorsed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for its gentleness and effectiveness.



Tailored solutions and customer satisfaction

Maintaining stringent standards, Dacon ensures that the solutions offered to customers are optimized. With a legacy grounded in expertise, innovation, and ethical principles, Dacon has established itself as a trusted and preeminent manufacturer of maritime rescue equipment. With a steadfast focus on quality, safety, and sustainability, Dacon stands as the discerning choice for those seeking reliable and optimal solutions for maritime rescue needs.