The Impact X ships with the SIPIDO telepresence app that allows the user to stream live HD video to any location. This allows you to extend your video conferencing service to the field. Remote troubleshooting, inspection and surveillance has never been easier.

Android is the preferred operating system for mobile devices. The reason is simple, running Android, the Impact X is secure, stable, updated and you have access to a huge library of applications. Bring any app into hazardous areas, including a wide range of value adding applications and services, such as mobility and ERP
solutions, device management, video conferencing applications and every other Android app.

The Impact X is ruggedized to an extent that makes it able to take almost any challenge the environment might throw at it. It is impact, drop, dust, corrosion, water
and explosion proof. It also has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. It has a special glass sealing method with IP 68 Corning Gorilla glass (2 mm thick) and a sunlight readable IPS display.

The Impact X is stuffed with advanced technology in order to offer the best possible performance. Modern mobile processors ensures the lowest possible power consumption. The device also has double the battery capacity (3000 mAh) compared to other smartphones, to ensure a full workday with active use.

Hands-free operation is often required when working in the hazardous area. This is why we have developed a wearability kit that enables Impact X to be mounted on a wrist cradle and the Orbit X to be mounted on a helmet, headset, wall mount, or telescopic pole. The result is a completely wireless and hands free mobile worker kit.